Victoire Cathalan

Victoire Cathalan lives and works in Geneva, CH.

Her approach to the world of Art has been largely influenced by the diversity of media underwritten by the School of Decorative Arts: etching, sculpture, photography and painting – a process which has led her to question the link between Nature and Man.

Observing and understanding the world around us are the foundations of her reflections. The relation between our natural environment and physical matter is essentially expressed through water and organic forms. The play of textures, reflections in water and in windows, images of branches metamorphosed into organs and her representations of human and natural essences invite us to enter a world of playfulness and reflection.

This palpable physical experience gives birth to works both abstract and universal; it has also resulted in her environmental commitment.

Taking possession of a subject to the point of abstraction leads her to experience and transmit to the world that subject’s very essence. In other words, she tends to put Man back into his natural environment and the artist back into the world at large.

As a Sustainable Art Market artist, Victoire refunds 5% of each sale to Canopée Forêts Vivantes.

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Juliette Sallin

Juliette Sallin is a fiber artist who has always been fascinated by the way we perceive nature through our senses. She translates this interest into sculptures made of semi abstract plant shapes used as archetypal and multi-sensory images of our emotions.

Her works are made of silk, but sometimes also of wood, paper and brass. Much of her process is devoted to plant dyes. The leaves, flowers, roots and bark that she uses contain pigments that give the fabric a particular vibration, as if the essence of plants were being transposed into the sculptures. The immersive experience of her work is then enriched with subtle sensualities and vegetal delicacies.

Born in 1980 in Geneva, Switzerland, Juliette Sallin studied textile design at the University of Florence, new media at the HEAD Geneva and Kingston University (GB). Two-time recipient of the Swiss Ikea Foundation (2009 and 2013), Juliette has exhibited in Switzerland and Great Britain. Her work is held in private collections in Europe and north America.

As a Sustainable Art Market artist, Juliette refunds 5% of each sale to the Printemps d’abeilles association.

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Manuela Paul-Cavallier

Artisan and artist, Manuela Paul-Cavallier surrounds herself in a creative universe of poetic golden reflections.

​The subtlety of the golden leaf inspires another way of communicating with the interplay of light and shadow to create depth into the modified objects. These vibrations of a thousand reflections, theatrical or discreet, prolix or poetic, juggles with the different colors of the metal.

Creator of abstract and contemporary art made of pigments and golden and silver leaves and guided by the aesthetics of subtraction, she expresses through golden reflections of the purified silence of a multiple reflection.  

Born in Lorraine, Manuela Paul-Cavallier was trained for 10 years in Florence, Italy. Gilding restorer for 25 years, she was a laureate of the Villa Kujoyama in Japan and labelled RIMPA. She was initiated to the purity by masters in Japan. 

As a Sustainable Art Market artist, Manuela refunds 5% of each sale to the Ressource Center of Applied Botanics (Lyon, FR).

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Mauren Brodbeck

Mauren Brodbeck, a Swiss multisensory artist and singer-songwriter, uses visual and auditory elements to create startling reinterpretations of common objects and experiences. Her multidimensional works invite her audience to step outside their safe and familiar realities and reconsider their relationships with the people and environments around them.

Brodbeck’s arts education began in Geneva, where she focused on the visual arts-drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, and videography. After graduation, she moved to the Pacific West Coast for several years, first attending the Vancouver Film School in Canada for a diploma in film production, and then going on to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, Southern California.

As a student at ArtCenter, she gained international attention when her work was selected for inclusion in the inaugural « reGeneration, 50 Photographers of Tomorrow » global travelling exhibition, curated by a committee from the Musée de l’Elysée in Lausanne, Switzerland. The exposure she received led to a solo exhibition with the J.J. Heckenhauer gallery, ongoing representation with the Lumas Editions Gallery, and inclusion in a number of Art Fairs, including Photo Miami, Paris Photo, and the Berliner Liste.

As a Sustainable Art Market artist, Mauren refunds 5% of each sale to Terrasses Sans Frontières.

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Joëlle Cabanne

Born in 1976 in Geneva, Joëlle Cabanne followed an training in visual arts at Collège Voltaire and graduated in 1997. She then studied Litterature at the University of Geneva and Lausanne. Being educated with an arts, cinema and architecture background, she ended her studies at Geneva’s HEAD where sho got a Bachelor’s degree in 2005. She worked as an architect for 5 years before becoming a teacher at CFP Arts for 7 years. In parallel, she’s always produved art and shown her work. The developpement of her artistic researches is nurrished both by her personal and professional experience. In 2015, she co-founded the Arts to serve assotiation. In 2018, she founded her own architecture and design agency, named dasBureau sarl.

As a Sustainable Art Market artist, Joelle refunds 5% of each sale to Pro Natura Suisse.

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Caroline Coppey

Caroline Coppey is a French artist born in Strasbourg, she lives and works between Paris and Choisy-le-Roi. Whether her works be a series of paintings, digital films, behavioural installations, shown in a traditional way or in a context (garden, architectural settings, landscapes), painting is the common denominator, claimed from the heritage of artists such as Monet, because of his treatment of colour and his global conception of the artistic process, Viallat and Support-Surface for their deconstruction of painting, or Richard Long and Penone for their questioning on the relationship between art and nature. Since 1998, she has devised a creative process whereby, after isolating each color, she then sets it within an organic progress, reusing this unique shade in an infinite range of actions : Squares, Drops, Samples, Grounds, Rags, Chords, Palettes, Colours, Fabrics, Paintings, and her digital works… all have their source in the same matrix.

As a Sustainable Art Market artist, Caroline refunds 5% of each sale to Jiboïana.

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John Cowen

John Cowen is an artist making work about the environment and mankind’s impact on the planet.

He studied Fine Art at university, specialising in painting, which led to a twenty year career working as a designer and art director. While he has had wonderful creative opportunities, they are mostly still within the constraints of a commercial brief. He always craved the unlimited creative opportunities working as an artist can offer.

Since 2018 he has been focused on combining his desire to be creating artworks with his concerns around climate breakdown. This has led to a growing body of work looking at mankind’s impact on the planet – and our current epoch ‘the Anthropocene’. From a distance his drawings appear as organic forms. As you look closer you see they are comprised of painstakingly drawn maps. The familiar patterns of road and building networks create beautiful and mesmerising artworks. His hope is they raise awareness that our cities and the natural world have a symbiotic relationship. That we must be doing more to live sustainably and act as a reminder of the beauty available in the natural world and the need to protect it.

As a Sustainable Art Market artist, John refunds 5% of each sale to Rewilding Britain.

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Benoît Fournier

Visual artist Benoît Fournier (b.1981) works with photography, installation, video and engraving. He studied at the Parque Lage School of Visual Arts in Rio de Janeiro. Benoît’s visual world resounds with his experiences and travels; his work resides in a place between personal and collective memory and explores existential themes and the nature of man. Born of experimentation, of immersion and authentic feelings, his series spotlights to the harmony between the individual and his natural environment. Through the lens of reality and imagination, Benoît’s examination of the individual within the world is at once intimate and profound.

As a Sustainable Art Market artist, Benoît refunds 5% of each sale to Nature Rights.

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Grégoire Fournier

Grégoire Fournier is a French artist committed in the reflexion of how Nature works and how we can preserve her.

Art is a sensitive and experimental experience of the body and mind, of which the creative gesture is the medium.

In Grégoire Fournier’s work, we can find these notions praised by artists for whom the creative process is fully part of the final artwork, if not to say the main part. Therefore, his works are done with vegetal inks, made by himself with plants from his lived environment (Lyon, France).

His approach is filled with the same questionings and same processes as in Arte Povera. The handiwork is very important, but also the materials which are natural and re-used to mimic the cycle of Nature itself. A total and immersive art, at the frontier of meditative and Sublime.

As a Sustainable Art Market artist, Grégoire refunds 5% of each sale to Zero Waste France.

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Océane Jacob

Océane Jacob is a French multidisciplinary artist and environmentalist born and raised in Hong Kong currently based in Paris. Through the constant theme of “In Deep Water” – both in its literal and figurative meaning – Océane dedicates her work to highlighting the world’s wonderful but vulnerable ecosystems in the face of the current climate crisis.

Océane sheds light on the fragility of Mother Nature and examines the important ecological and sociopolitical challenges that the contemporary world faces in engaging and provocative ways through the use of sculpture, painting, marine photography and site specific-installations. Subjects such as overfishing, deforestation, pollution, climate change and ocean acidification among others can be found throughout her artwork.

Océane has two site-specific installations permanently planted underwater: Left Among the Few (2020) is a growing sculptural coral sanctuary located in Koh Kood, Thailand, and Coral Bleaching Memorial (2017) is an aluminium sculpture dedicated to corals lost due to coral bleaching located in Malapascua, Philippines. Both installations invite snorkelers and divers alike to contemplate the fundamental importance corals hold in their ecosystems and the vulnerability they face due to ocean acidification and the rise of global temperatures.

Subjects such as overfishing, the shark fin industry, and plastic pollution are explored respectively throughout her sculptures Last Generation (2018), In the Name of Tradition (2018) and Turtle (2017). Océane chooses to dedicate her marine photography and paintings to the beauty that lies hidden in the underwater world – thereby bringing to the surface colorful creatures and critters that few have the chance to witness for themselves.

As a Sustainable Art Market artist, Océane refunds 5% of each sale to BLOOM.

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