SAM Artist

Grégoire Fournier

Grégoire Fournier is a French artist committed in the reflexion of how Nature works and how we can preserve her.

Art is a sensitive and experimental experience of the body and mind, of which the creative gesture is the medium.

In Grégoire Fournier’s work, we can find these notions praised by artists for whom the creative process is fully part of the final artwork, if not to say the main part. Therefore, his works are done with vegetal inks, made by himself with plants from his lived environment (Lyon, France).

His approach is filled with the same questionings and same processes as in Arte Povera. The handiwork is very important, but also the materials which are natural and re-used to mimic the cycle of Nature itself. A total and immersive art, at the frontier of meditative and Sublime.

As a Sustainable Art Market artist, Grégoire refunds 5% of each sale to Zero Waste France.

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