An artistic agency with an environmental DNA

Intermediary in the unique bond that we created between Artists and Environmental non-profit organisations,
we imagine collaborative projects at the crossroads of Art & Environment.

Supported by an international network built over the past 15 years, we are also Consultants in sustainable practices destined for artistic and cultural operators.

Denounce is good, Act is better

Denounce is good, Act is better

Several artists have a strong commitment into climate change denunciation: they alert, they describe, they denounce, sometimes it is the first subject of their work… It is a praiseworthy intention and it is hailed by the art professionals and by the public. 

Nevertheless, what are we doing in our daily practices, as art stakeholders, in order to reduce our ecological footprint? Testifying of climate change is not sufficient enough. We must commit and start our ecological transition.



To create connections between the art world and the natural world : that is what we offer. 

A pioneer, innovative and useful program to reduce your environmental footprint and become a sustainable artist, in every way.

Sustainable Art Market will bring you :

attentive listening and artistic guidance, exhibitions and sale opportunities, a pioneer collaboration with environmental values, an administrative support, a regular support to a non-profit organization.

Sustainable Art Market offers three different programs :

Represented Artists / Invited Artists / Associated Artists

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Sustainable Art Market helps you with your artistic projects. Whether you are a novic, a professional or just a curious mind, SAM is available to discuss your projects, guide you and support you.

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