SAM Artist

Victoire Cathalan

Victoire Cathalan lives and works in Geneva, CH.

Her approach to the world of Art has been largely influenced by the diversity of media underwritten by the School of Decorative Arts: etching, sculpture, photography and painting – a process which has led her to question the link between Nature and Man.

Observing and understanding the world around us are the foundations of her reflections. The relation between our natural environment and physical matter is essentially expressed through water and organic forms. The play of textures, reflections in water and in windows, images of branches metamorphosed into organs and her representations of human and natural essences invite us to enter a world of playfulness and reflection.

This palpable physical experience gives birth to works both abstract and universal; it has also resulted in her environmental commitment.

Taking possession of a subject to the point of abstraction leads her to experience and transmit to the world that subject’s very essence. In other words, she tends to put Man back into his natural environment and the artist back into the world at large.

As a Sustainable Art Market artist, Victoire refunds 5% of each sale to Canopée Forêts Vivantes.

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