SAM Artist

Joëlle Cabanne

Born in 1976 in Geneva, Joëlle Cabanne followed an training in visual arts at Collège Voltaire and graduated in 1997. She then studied Litterature at the University of Geneva and Lausanne. Being educated with an arts, cinema and architecture background, she ended her studies at Geneva’s HEAD where sho got a Bachelor’s degree in 2005. She worked as an architect for 5 years before becoming a teacher at CFP Arts for 7 years. In parallel, she’s always produved art and shown her work. The developpement of her artistic researches is nurrished both by her personal and professional experience. In 2015, she co-founded the Arts to serve assotiation. In 2018, she founded her own architecture and design agency, named dasBureau sarl.

As a Sustainable Art Market artist, Joelle refunds 5% of each sale to Pro Natura Suisse.

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