SAM Artist

Vincent Laval

Born in 1991, Vincent Laval has studied at the Paris School of Fine Arts (Beaux-Arts de Paris) and the École Boulle.

His work is mainly about the forest, with a will to pull out moments perceived in nature and translate their sensations through volume in sculptural works, or through image in photographic works. Each project originates in the careful observation of elements that made an impression on him during his escapades. His relationship with time is primordial : all along his walks, he gathers tree parts as much as memories.

Vincent Laval draws materials, images and emotions at the heart of the forest that will eventually become artworks. The objects and ideas he collects transform and shape themselves thanks to his craftsmanship. His art plays on the tension between the real world and the cosmic space. It represents a duality to which he is confronted, being on the edge of two worlds : that of the wild and that we created.

The Forest is what drives me, astonishes me, what makes me doubt, makes me want to fight, to create and to see the light of tomorrow. I learn to accept that I will only be a part of it as a loving visitor, as an animal who, by crossing its fringe, is reminded who he could have been and who he is longing to become : an element is the balance of things.

As a Sustainable Art Market artist, Vincent refunds 5% of each sale to the Francis Hallé pour la forêt primaire non-profit organization.

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