Who we are

At Sustainable Art Market,
we are standing up for optimism,
for a smile on our faces, for effectiveness,
for always seeing the glass as half full,
for taking action!

Because a Malevich monochrome gives us just the same quivering as diving in the sea, Because we get the same goose bumps whether we are about to enter a new edition of Art Basel or just before departing a mountain race.
Because protecting the fauna seems equally as important to us as protecting a film photography with a UV filtered glass.
Let’s be as bold as our sensations and as our convictions and let’s move them forward together!

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We are committed to championing this somewhat far-fetched dream: bringing together art and environmental protection. The impact of climate change can already be perceived and affects each and everyone of us. It no longer simply a matter of Why’s, but of How's.
Just as from acorns grow oak trees, we believe that we all have a part to play. Each and everyone of us can act in his own small way to refuse the inevitability of climate change.
We provide a simple an innovative solution so that any player on the art market can be involved in the future survival of our planet.

Sabine Colombier, Founder and CEO

« He who sees from above sees well. He who sees from a distance sees clearly »
Victor Hugo

Sabine graduated in art history from Ecole du Louvre in Paris in 2006. She then tailored her experience working in museums, auction houses and art galleries, in Paris and in the French province. She moved to Switzerland in 2008, where she further developed her expertise of the art market, working for 10 years alongside an art dealer and collection consultant in Geneva. In love with the alpine panoramas ever since she was a child, and more and more concerned about environmental issues, Sabine converts to “Slow living”. She takes some time to step away from her computer screen and to breathe the open air in the great outdoors, with her skis or her mountain shoes on. Or to simply step back to admire the mountains around her.
As a positive ecology enthusiast, Sabine supports local initiatives and strongly believes each and everyone of us can have an impact on the environment through small gestures. So why couldn’t the art market contribute as well?

She has indeed realized that Art and Nature are a great combination, and that History should link them even further. This is the purpose she wants to give to her professional life.

This becomes the obvious and Sustainable Art Market was established in 2018 with the ambition to bring more meaning into the art market, to intensify environmental actions, and to create an innovative connection between 2 worlds.

A sustainable, responsible and ethical ambition

From the top on the mountains, one sees from above… and from a distance as well...

collective Les Augures Sabine Colombier is Expert Member of the collective Les Augures.

CREA-Mont Blanc (Chamonix) Zero Waste France (Paris)
Mountain Wilderness France (Grenoble) Comité Professionnel des Galeries d’Art
collectif Les Augures
CSD Ingénieurs (Switzerland)

The Advisory Board

Sabine surrounded herself with committed experts, wearing their art on their sleeves, and living their life with the hair in the wind

Elsa Goujon-Migue
Project Manager
Expertise France, Paris

Audrey Montélimard
Pardon My French - Branding Agency, France

Vincent Bernigaud
Buying and merchandising manager - leather goods
Saint Laurent, Paris

Antoine Bernot
Associate Director
Aneol, Saint Etienne

Frédéric Elkaïm
Art Now ! Genève