The cave your fear to enter holds the treasure you seek. 

J. Campbell

Because sometimes it is easier to progress by being surrounded than alone,

Because many times we want to improve ourselves, 

Because often some shared words/actions/knowledges are sufficient enough to step up,

Because already you already know why…

For all these reasons, and for all the other ones that belong to you, SAM leads you in your artistic projects.

That you are a beginner, a professional, or just a curious one, SAM meets you to simply discuss your project, to give you the best orientation and to encourage you.

→ Advisory 

To art collectors, to professionals, to students, to new graduates,…

To increase the understanding of that sector which is reputed for its opacity,

To avoid mistakes and go forward in confidence,

To be better equipped to navigate in the right professional way,

And simply to talk, to share and to grow in our professional practicing

→  Courses, collective or individual

About professional practice in the art market sector, about history of art and the arts/environment topic

References :

Cercle des Menus Plaisirs, Geneva (CH) / Art History

Art Now!, Geneva (CH) / Art History

IFAGE, Geneva (CH) / Art History