SAM, an artistic agent with an environmental DNA

  • Regular services of artistic representation

Exhibitions proposal, artistic/administrative/strategic support, liaiser with galleries and/or institutions, etc…

  • Environmental committed dimension

Links with scientific and associative sectors of the earth’s preservation, experimentations on sustainable practices…

       =    an innovative and pioneer Program

Simply useful to reduce your environmental footprint

and to become a sustainable and long-term artist !

Three different programs
Represented Artists / Invited Artists / Associated Artists
Represented Artists We are representing some Artists for whom their efficient and genuine commitment aims to tackle Climate Change and to support Nature is a sacerdoce.

Beyond a classical representation of artists as agent (exhibitions, sales, advises), we offer an innovative program built on our environmental DNA :

Un unique and innovative partnership with an ecological NGO, selected for each artist regarding its convictions, its actions and the proximity. Beyond a regular financial support by a percentage taken on each sale, we imagine and build unique projects in order to nurture the Artists’creativty and to spread the NGO message through Art.

The development of sustainable practices for the artists’ studios : materials, shipments, communication… every step is analysed, challenged and becomes source of experimentations to enhance the each artist’s ecological footprint.

Discover our Represented Artists

We invite some Artists to be associated in some specific projects with the aim to nurture the pitch, to enlighten differently a subject, to forward a message through a new perspective… These Artists are also as conscious and committed to a complete commitment for the earth’s preservation as our represented artists.

Through this collaboration, we bring to them :

– a new way to commit themselves and to work with an environmental NGO through a funding commitment  (a percentage of their sales or calculated on the estimate of the project). The choice of that NGO is discussed with each Artist and NGO in order to match them at the best regarding the purpose of the project.

– an access to our experimentations and resources regarding sustainable practices for an artist 

SAM invited artist : Mathilde Cazes, Lorin Wallner

We offer the possibility to some Artists to be associated with SAM and with its convictions: sensibilization to sustainable practices, awareness about environmental matters… the first step is often the most difficult to do. By being associated with SAM and with its ecological message, these artists approach sustainability issues smoothly and in reasoned dialogue, with a view to a mature commitment in the future.

We allow these artists to present their works in our Artsy space.
In return, they agree to participate in SAM’s DNA: the commitment to an environmental NGO.
Thus, 5% of the amount of their sales on Artsy is donated to the NGO supported by SAM – CREA Mont-Blanc.

SAM associated artist : Marc Goldstain