At Sustainable Art Market®,
we are standing up for optimism,
for a smile on our faces,
for effectiveness,
for always looking at the glass as half full,
for taking action!

What if Art were to commit itself concretely to the protection of the Environment ?

Let’s step up into a new “ERA”


  • Time : when you adopt the ecological transition, you embrace the short circuits, the pooling, the sharing… so many gestures that give you more time
  • Money : think about our waste, scheduling a new reasonable policy of supplies, establishing reusing… many tailor-made solutions are made to reduce the budget.


  • your Image : facing the public demands of transparency, being engaged in the ecological transition is a way to clearly show your commitment and to seduce a new audience
  • the Solidarity : developing some sustainable and circular practices is being part of a movement of solidarity and mutual assistance
  • the Soundness : thinking about your structural capacity (suppliers, buildings, energy…) is a guarantee of durability facing the climate hazards.


  • Knowing how to adapt yourself facing the change is good – adopting the resiliency
  • Innovating is better – align your practices with those of Earth’s resources and those of the climate trajectory

Because a Malevich monochrome gives us just the same quivering as diving in the sea, 

Because we get the same goose bumps whether we are about to enter a new edition of Art Basel or just before departing a mountain race,

Because protecting the biodiversity seems equally as important to us as protecting a silver photography with a UV filtered glass,

Let’s be as bold as our sensations and as our convictions and let’s move them forward together !

Sabine Colombier, founder

He who sees from above sees well. He who sees from a distance sees clearly. 

Victor Hugo

Sabine graduated in Art History from Ecole du Louvre in Paris in 2006. She then tailored her experience working in museums, auction houses and art galleries, in Paris and in the French province. 

She moved to Switzerland in 2008, where she further developed her expertise of the art market, working for 10 years as an art dealer and collection consultant in Geneva, at Simon Studer Art.

As a follower of the slowlife movement, she takes some time to step away from her computer screen and to breathe the open air in the great outdoors, with her skis or her mountain shoes on. Or to simply step back to admire the mountains around her.

In 2018, she founded Sustainable Art Market® with the project to bring meaning to the art market, strengthen environmental action and create an innovative link between two worlds. The Art and the Environment: two sciences that have much in common in their mission of innovation, research and transmission.

In 2020, she launched the SAM Artists Agent Program: a follow-up of classical artists but with environmental DNA. It is a real community that is created and enters into action, bringing together artists and environmental NGOs.

The core of SAM was born.

A sustainable, ethical and serious project… but always with a smile.

From the top on the mountains, one sees from above and from a distance as well.

As all the SAM Artists, we donate 5% of our annual revenue to an environmental NGO. We chose to support CREA Mont-Blanc, because all of our adventure began thanks to them.

Parnerships / Commiments

We act also as partners and/or members of different organizations:

With the Comité Professionnel des Galeries d’Art – CPGA (France), as Environment specialist and Author of the Code déontologie des Galeries / Préconisations environnementales

With KiCulture, as Coach of the Ki Futures Pilot Program

With WeAct4Earth, member

With La Fresque du Climat, team leader

The board

which advise us in every decisional & development phase :

Elsa Goujon-Migue, Audrey Montélimard, Antoine Bernot, Vincent Bernigaud, Frédéric Elkaïm.